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    The Conspiratorium

    Post by SeanLeRats on Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:05 pm

    This is a place to learn and to privately post videos links and news related to the entertainment industry, cloning centers, Donald Marshall, and the Illuminati... As well as other lifeforms and whatever else comes up on the world stage and how it relates... Here you can share your thoughts in a private room and ask stupid questions... Feel free to add friends (who are real people) who sincerely want to learn what this is all about... Here the rest of your friends, kids and elderly relatives won't have a heart attack because of seeing your public activity ... Also when posting try to attach it to the same topic thread to reduce scrolling for all the future seekers looking for info... Basically there is a Hell on Earth- the cloning centers where your soul is owned if you sign it over, or like Donald your family somehow gets you in there... and it is not pleasant... the point is- if they could they would and they can so they do... They use and they control not only the industry but manufacture the Gods within it... welcome to the New Age... Everything we know is wrong... Your mission in this phase of Earth's story is to face the truth, read the signs in front of you, free the slaves, change to the bigger picture and understand the future is now... Donald Marshall has died at least a thousand times for this period we are in of drip drop disclosure and was chosen by the "them" to deliver the message.... He has left the most clues to the truth throughout tons of songs... This ain't bullshit... And even if you don't believe Donald, it is still very much happening as there is nothing but tons of supporting evidence which you can find here and add to your information arsenal... Please feel free to share... but please be nice to other members or I'll kick yer ass out.. Thank you and have a great day! Laura Coffey, Administrator

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