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    Log Of Activity For Donald


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    Log Of Activity For Donald

    Post by SeanLeRats on Sun Jan 08, 2017 11:18 pm

    Hi Everyone. I thought it was a good idea to explain exactly the purpose for this group as a lot of people seem to be confused about it. Maybe first i should explain what its not NOT for sharing links ....and its NOT for holding discussions ....The Purpose is to gain support on our own individual sharing in OTHER groups or websites. It can be a daunting task sharing Don's info and so that we do not feel we are alone in this we need to go there and show our solidarity....sometimes 'liking' a post is enough...other times its helpful to assist in answering people's questions or tackling shills and so let other's see the truth of a situation. It also shows Donald that people are sharing his info and encourages him. So...basically ...when you share Don's info in a truther group or website or on a youtube link for example...please tell us about it and leave the link here so the rest of us can go to the same link, find your comment and support you...Hope this clarifies things...if not message myself and Diane and we will explain. Celine O'carrol, Administrator

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