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    Post by Plymouth Fury on Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:19 am

    Donald Marshall’s information written as short documents are now available in print, & paperback editions.
    Visit this dedicated author page written on behalf of Donald Marshall for paperback versions which have finally been published.

    Click on each book on the “Author page” to be redirected and obtain a hard copy book. The books are sold at cost price with ZERO mark-up, and neither I nor Donald Marshall makes anything from the sale of these books. The customer pays for printing costs, shipping costs, as well as, any taxes in the country in which the customer lives in. It is actually cheaper to buy these books than to print off the digital versions at the library.

    The paperback versions of these books can only be obtained from 7 Amazon marketplaces worldwide: Amazon US; Amazon UK, Amazon Denmark, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, & Amazon Japan. Choose from these 7 Amazon marketplaces to obtain hard copies. Amazon US, is the primary marketplace for Donald Marshall paperback books.

    Digital versions will always be FREELY available online, and can be obtained as PDF versions by clicking the following link:
    Free Donald Marshall documents:

    Donald Marshall’s information is finally published, and because of this milestone, we should not waste this opportunity to further promote Donald Marshall’s information. We should all do our best to promote these books, and if possible, buy them and lend them to others.

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